The lobby (‘At home’) offering a comfortable seating area, individual I pads with pod casts, radio stations etc, bluetooth headsets for the connected types and magazines, books and board games for the more analogue ones…    Photo by Per Ranung
  Ceiling installation: Tobias Allanson
  The first atrium (‘On the go’) is about movement and offers seating areas on slowly rotating platforms and a LED display with moving messages such as internal information, news or weather info… Photo by Per Ranung
  ..and a light show with moving, multi coloured lights over heads, which can be enjoyed from all floors…    Light installation by ÅF, Photo by Per Ranung
  The bistro, located in between atrium one and two…
  The second atrium (‘In the city’), interpreted as a city square with cafe tables and large steps offering an alternative hang out place, also used as an auditorium. Being the centre of the building, this is a natural meeting place with people coming and going. Elements of the city make up the finishing touches…    Photo by Per Ranung
  Such as two 25m high graffiti murals (by Kollektivet Livet)…
  Lamp posts and suspended street lights…    Light installation by ÅF
  A 50m long seating area, with planters suspended from the ceiling, makes up the first part of the fourth themed area (‘In nature’). This is a place for peace and quiet.     Greenery by Green Fortune
  The last atrium (‘In nature’) can be entered through an interactive rain curtain. sensors allow you to walk through without getting wet (if you’re lucky). in the centre of the atrium are three bubble rooms…    Bubbles by Tobias Allanson
  …and looking up, three giant bubbles slowly rise and sink through space, which can be seen from all floors.    Bubbles by Tobias Allanson, Photo by Per Ranung
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