With over 20 years' experience in Production design for film, television, ads and events, I approach each design project looking for a narrative. There is always a story to tell and a world to create!

In 2010 I was contacted by a small London based media agency, who wanted a set designer to interpret their brand and give their tiny office a strong look. Since then I've helped companies from a wide range of sectors to create a dynamic and inspiring work environment that tells their story. I also design for the hospitality industry and am currently working on my third nightclub design. 

I was born and raised in Sweden, yet since the age of 20 I've lived in New York, Tel Aviv, Paris and now London, which has been home since the beginning of the century. Although there is still a Scandinavian core to my designs, my style has been influenced by each place I’ve lived, as well as numerous places explored on my travels.

I take on projects on any scale and have a solid network of builders, makers, inventors and artists...

To see a selection of my Production Design for film & TV go to AOA & echo